Sep 18, 2007

Horizon Report 2007 NMC

The horizon report gives a nice overview of trends in education and technology.
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As it does each year, the Horizon Advisory Board again reviewed key trends in the practice of teaching, learning, and creativity, and ranked those it considered most important for campuses to watch. Trends were identified through a careful analysis of interviews, articles, papers, and published research. The six trends below emerged as most likely to have a significant impact in education in the next five years. They are presented in priority order as ranked by the Advisory Board.

The environment of higher education is changing rapidly.
Increasing globalization is changing the way we work, collaborate, and communicate.
Information literacy increasingly should not be considered a given.
Academic review and faculty rewards are increasingly out of sync with new forms of scholarship.
The notions of collective intelligence and mass amateurization are pushing the boundaries of scholarship.
Students’ views of what is and what is not technology are increasingly different from those of faculty.

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