Feb 14, 2008

Learning from nature

This article treats the richness nature has to offer, and its use in innovation. In the article no reference is made to organizing principles seen in nature, and how these are used in organizations. This is unfortunate, because it could be very interesting. On the other hand, the article describes the organization of Janine Benyus, which, in my opinion, has a very interesting setup.

Using Nature as a Design Guide

Janine Benyus, dean of the burgeoning "biomimicry" design movement, helps companies look to the natural world to help take their business green


The nose cone of Japan's 500 Series Shinkansen bullet train is modeled after a kingfisher's beak. Getty Images

Spot the common theme: a bullet train with a distinctly bird-like nose; massive wind turbines whose form was inspired by the shape of whales' fins; ultra-strong, biodegradeable glues developed by analyzing how mussels cling to rocks under water. The creators of each product used nature as their guide. In the past 10 years the practice, known as biomimicry, has yielded a variety of compelling, quirky, and elegant innovations across industries. And as consumers and companies alike find themselves grappling with ever-larger ecological footprints, the design method is taking its place as a core sustainability strategy.
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