Oct 30, 2008

KAOS pilots; second year

About 2 years ago, a great innovative education concept has descended onto the low lands... a couple of creative young spirits have started the Dutch strand of KaosPilots, a Danish school for "young entrepreneurs and project leaders with a creative edge and a global mind".

When you think about this school, think global, responsible, and be innovative, open, creative and aware.

The KaosPilots program is a three-year education in creative process, project and business design. A description of the core curriculum of the KaosPilot education is available for download.

  • Year 1. KaosPilot Toolbox (theory and practical project work), self development and creative project design.
  • Year 2. Creative process design and international project management (including a 3 month outpost in which students go as a team to a place in the world where something is changing that will have influence on the rest of the world.)
  • Year 3. Creative business design, individual world practicum, individual project leading to final exam.
Real world
To emphasize a reality-oriented learning environment the students will work with assignments and projects defined by real clients reflecting real needs and challenges outside the school - along with risk taking, real world is a second of six qualities that form the value base of the KaosPilots and entrepreneurship. See all other values below;
  • Playful; Being at the KaosPilots has to be motivating and inspiring.
  • Streetwise; The school must never be out of touch with what is happening at street level in our society.
  • Risktaking; The program and the staff must be characterised by the will to be brave and take risks.
  • Balance; There has to be the right dynamic and balance between body and soul, between form and content and, not least, between human, time and economic resources at the school.
  • Compassion; Human compassion and social responsibility must be the hallmarks of the school.
To me, it all sounds great, and the people I met on a conference from this school all seemed to fit the description above.

Hope this will find its way to other people who do not want to be forced into standard curricula, are responsible and aware, want to contribute something to the world around them, and are enterpreneurial and don't mind taking risks.

Dutch KaosPilots: http://www.kaospilots.nl/
Danish KaosPilots: http://www.kaospilots.dk/

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