Oct 18, 2007

Delft OCW Live!

This week we went live with the Delft University of Technnology Open Courseware project. It is a great initiative similar to MIT OCW. My thesis aims to propose a design of this project that will sustain in our rapidly changing learning landscape. A difficult, but very interesting task.
clipped from ocw.tudelft.nl

Challenge the future

"TU Delft is dedicated to finding sustainable solutions for social problems. The university’s core tasks include delivering know-how and building knowledge networks in an international context. OpenCourseWare is one of the means by which we are contributing to this mission"

Jacob Fokkema,
Rector Magnificus

The first MSc programs with courses in Delft OpenCourseWare are:

Courses in the following fields will be published early 2008:

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