Oct 12, 2007

Why people will soon be marrying and having sex - with robots

The digitization of humanity...

David Levy, originally from London, has made the controversial forecasts about the future of human-robot relationships in his Ph.D thesis.

In "Intimate Relationships with Artificial Partners", he argues that current trends in robotics and artificial intelligence mean the leap to humans and robots forming relationships is not far away.

Once robots become more like humans, David Levy believes romance between the two, and even sex and marriage, will be possible

"Are not love and sex and reproduction at the very core of being human, even to the extent that they are immune to computerisation?

"Yes, they are at the very core. No, they are not immune to computerisation."

He continues: "An emotionless robot would be a mere machine so a logical step in the development of humanoid robots is to endow them with emotions and enable them to detect emotions in humans.

"Robots can then respond to a person's emotions in ways that help the robot to interact as humans do.

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