Mar 17, 2008


C'MM'N is an interesting concept car built by, amongst others, the University of Technology Delft ( The reason that I am posting this on the website, besides being a very interesting project (it has an opensource approach to the development of it), is that I am writing my advice for the future of Delft OCW (Open Courseware), and one of the things I will mention is the opportunity of connecting OCW with these kinds of projects, creating thriving communities, and engagement around content. It is an opportunity to remix and repurpose materials to just this cause, possibly increasing participation and enthusiasm for both initiatives.
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Logo c,mm,n

What is c,mm,n?

c,mm,n is an innovative mobility concept; a new way of developing, manufacturing and using cars. By making the blueprint of the c,mm,n car publicly available under an open-source licence we are able to develop truly sustainable mobility. Just like open-source software, c,mm,n focuses on services around the product. You can use c,mm,n to offer people a lease car, rental car or other mobility services. It is allowed to sell c,mm,n too. Just as long as you make any derived work publicly available again.

In order to fully unleash the power of the community we aim to develop c,mm,n in such a way that it is optimised for the costs-of-ownership: value depreciation, repairs, maintenance, fuel costs, etc. Therefore c,mm,n is remanufactured. That means that - for example - the body of the car is made from disposable, bio-degradable material that only lasts for three years. After that period the car is taken back to the factory and rebuild to suit the needs of another mobilist.

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