Dec 20, 2008

Attention profiling.... nice discussion about privacy and identity

Attention profiling is making profiles based on someone's online activities (comments, blogs, music, bookmarks, etc.). Nowadays, this information is usually not available for the user hem/herself, but stored and analyzed by a private organization who can do whatever it wants to do (like adverstisements: Google). APML is a standard that these websites can implement, making the profiles available for the user to be used according to the user's wishes.

Great idea, and I believe in it, but this interesting post, and very interesting discussion, is more than a year old, and since then not much is heard of the mentioned initiatives and companies working with APML. Any ideas or suggestions why this is so?
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APML: The Next Big Thing or the Next FOAF?

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The concept of APML is that it allows you to share your “attention profile” data with other users, organisations or programs in the same way you might share your OPML file with someone. The most compelling reason I can gather why the internet world as a whole needs to line up behind the concept of APML because companies are already gathering so much data that used to be considered private and sacred, so we all need to get out in front of it now and define the process of gathering that information, and attempt - as users - to control a bit of that.

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