Dec 8, 2008

Who cares about privacy?

Just a suggestion about privacy on the internet. Many people I know, have some sort of objection against a Google or national government storing personal information and mining data about you. I do not. At least, I think you still have to be able to use that data yourself as well, which in many cases is not possible. But on the other hand, I really do not care that they know things about me, anything.

Some people refer to the second world war as an example of information that can be misused. And that is true. Prior to WO II, in Holland we were very very meticulous about storing information about religion etc. Which made it possible that the Germans, when they occupied the country, knew exactly who was Jewish and who was not. Because of our meticulous information storage, and the large number of collaborators, they could send hunderds of thousands Jewish persons to death camps.

So that is bad, and these situations should clearly be prevented. But should we therefore silence ourselves, and confine our views and ideas about the world and about stuff to ourselves, and not share this information with others?

Datamining and personal information storage and analyzing someone's behavior online can certainly result in determining someone's sexual or political preferences, but then again, what's the problem with that? It starts when people start misusing this information. And now I am coming to the actual point I want to bring in: who will be ready to fight hardest against this injustice being done? Exactly, the ones being offended, the ones being hurt, the ones being wronged, plus their networks of course.

If all of us were sharing personal information with different providers, and these providers are treating this information in a bad way, what will happen? Will we sit back and allow this? Or will we object? I think the latter. And will the providers listen? Will changes occur? New policies created? That, clearly, depends on the number of people objecting. Hence, in order to fight future injustice we should all share our information, our lives, our secrets. In addition, this will also break taboos, and we will be more open to our own and other people's problems and passions..

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