Nov 27, 2007

OpenED.. I present: the NEW OpenED WIKI!

I made a wiki for cultivating your ideas, words, and motivations about Open Education. As described in my last post, I have made a wiki, because I think David Wiley's wiki is not suitable for future use. Dedicate all your Open Education efforts on this wiki, and post the link on your blog!

PS. The wiki is yours, is mine, is everyone's. I have not made it to make money or fame, just to let the course on Open Education become something bigger. Hopefully.

Current text on homepage:

  • This wiki is the result of the course "Intro to Open Education" by David
    Wiley. The objective of this wiki is to form a space for people interested in
    Open Education: you will find (links to) great resources here.
  • Educators wanting to create their own course on Open Education: you will
    find tips and experiences. Probably this will be a space useful for anyone that
    has something to do with education. Do not think that this is not your space,
    because it is! Please change it according to your own needs and viewpoints, but as in real life, respect other people and institutions.

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