Nov 19, 2007

OpenLearn 2007 - Learning Design as a framework for supporting the design and reuse of OER (day 2)

Somewhat interesting presentation which describes how adopting a learning design methodology may provide a vehicle for enabling better design and reuse of Open Educational Resources (OERs).

Design is creative and messy... a tool such as the Compendium tool, which is easy to use, has good support and documentation, is flexible and adaptable, and enables linkages to be made between entities, may be able to provide creators of learning content with support. It is a means of representing design and facilitating reuse. It can be used at the start of design process, to balance a set of activities, and to critically deconstruct sets of activities. The benefits that were mentioned by the people using it for learning design were quite positive, mentioning thinking differently about the learning design, visualization, communication, collaboration. Drawbacks are level of granularity (low), the trade-off time investment/benefit, and novice vs. expert uses. I have installed and used the free tool a year ago, but I did not like it that much. There is vizualization, yes, but it is not great. Quite some space left for improvements.

The slides:

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